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How Various Superannuation Investment Options Performed
The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), has published the average return for various superfund investment options for the year ended June 30, 2006. Find out more about these figures

Time for self managed superannuation funds to put their assets in order
The trustees of self managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) must ensure that the fund’s assets are appropriately recorded, or risk coming under tax office scrutiny. Find out what the tax office is on the lookout for

Superannuation (Surcharge Rate Reduction) Amendment Bill 2003
Government agrees to alter surcharge, co-contribution measures and what was passed by the Senate with amendments

How to spot a financial scam
Could you fall victim? Do you know how to spot the clues? In the past three years, over 7000 Australians have lost at least $500 million to financial scams.

Taxpayers' Charter revised
The revised Taxpayers' Charter was released on the 3rd November 2003 - it sets out what the community can expect when dealing with the Tax Office

Employer Quarterly Superannuation Reporting Requirements
We have previously discussed the obligation for employers to remit SGC quarterly. But do you know the reporting requirements?

$1.8bn At Stake - A Warning to Investors
The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has warned people interested in interest-bearing investments, especially retirees looking for secure returns, to take extra care with investments offering higher than usual returns

Loyalty Programme Tax
Most of the time, there is no tax payable on the rewards you receive from consumer loyalty programmes. That is most of the time. Are YOU liable for tax on your loyalty programme rewards?

Corporate Director's Duties.
The primary directors' duties include care and diligence, act in good faith, not to make improper use of position and not to make improper use of information

DIY Super - Not Your Money Yet
So, you have your own DIY Super Fund? Discover what you can and can’t do with the money

Tax Refund Tips
It's very tempting just to blow your tax refund. But even small amounts paid off a debt or into super can make a big difference in the long run. So how can you make the most of your tax refund

Tax Office Expands Compliance Work
The ATO is becoming increasingly concerned about lack of taxation compliance in several areas. Find out what ATO inspectors will be looking for in this years tax returns

Claiming Expenses - The Common Errors
With billions of dollars being claimed this year in work related expenses, the Tax Office will be checking for common errors. They are easy to avoid, if you know what to look out for

Have Your Say
Not happy with the performance of a company in which you hold shares? Feel that there is nothing you can do to influence their performance? You CAN influence company performance, and it’s not as hard as you may think.

You CAN Get Rid of The Paper!
Are you tired of having to keep boxes of paper for years and years in case of a tax audit? Well, as long as you follow some simple guidelines, you can get rid of the paper and keep electronic records.

Retirement Income Streams
Making the decision to retire is a turning point in most peoples lives. Probably more important is working out how you will fund your retirement. Income stream products have certain advantages and disadvantages

Make an Extraordinary Difference to Your Money
ASIC has released a booklet detailing how a person with an income of $36,000 per annum stands to loose $790,000 in wealth over their lifetime. Discover how to avoid those bad decisions.

Does Your Super Fund Comply?
The tax office is contacting all small funds which do not currently meet the definition of a self managed super fund. If you are contacted, you only have until the end of November to respond…

One Off Chance to Clear Tax Debts
The Commissioner of Taxation is offering certain small businesses and individuals a one-off opportunity to clear their outstanding tax debts on favourable terms

Beware “Wrong Number” Answering Machine Stock Tips!
You come home from work and find a message on your answer machine from someone you don't know. It's obviously a wrong number, but in the message the caller tells her friend about a hot investment tip. It's most likely part of the 'pump & dump' scam.

Look after your Money This Christmas
Sadly, the Christmas period seems to encourage scams and schemes when people often have extra income from bonuses, leave loading, retirement nest eggs and other similar sources. Here's some Christmas financial tips and safety checks

Work Christmas Parties and FBT
Did you know that providing gifts at your staff Christmas party could mean that your staff will have to pay Fringe Benefits Tax on the meal and gift? Tax requirements relating to Christmas Parties is complex, but there are some basics that you should understand…

Avoid Financial Hangovers this Christmas
Getting into debt is far easier than getting out of it. By planning your Christmas spending now, you can avoid piling up unmanageable credit card debts

Consolidating Debts - What to Watch Out For
Debt has become very easy to get into and it's easy to over-extend yourself. If you have a debt problem, rolling all your loans into a single loan can sound very attractive. But is this really that attractive

Self Education Expenses
If you have self-education expenses that relate to earning your income, you may be able to claim them as tax deductions

Lost Superannuation
The Tax Office is embarking on a long term project aimed at helping reunite individuals with their lost super accounts. It involves a mass mailout, and an online resource available to everyone

Non Commercial Losses - Don't Get Caught
The non-commercial loss provisions may prevent you from deducting business losses against your other income. How does this affect you

New Early Start for Child Care Rebate
The Government will assist families further with the cost of child care by backdating the introduction of a new 30 per cent Child Care Rebate to 1 July 2004, enabling families to claim an extra six months of out-of-pocket costs

Tax Bills Due
More than 500,000 people who used a tax agent to lodge their 2004 tax return have income tax bills that are due on Tuesday 22 March

Poor Record Keeping Penalties
Businesses who continue to keep poor records, despite warnings from the Tax Office, will face penalties. Are your records adequate

Aid for Victims of the Tsunami
If you donated cash or goods to benefit victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami, your gift may or may not be tax deductible. Find out your status

High Yield Property Debentures
High return fixed interest investments offered through prospectuses are being advertised. Recent media reports of uncertainty in the property market could be a timely reminder to check you're still comfortable with the potential risks and rewards these investments may offer

How Superannuation Exit Fees Could Affect You
If you try to move funds out of an 'old style' or 'legacy' superannuation account from the 1980s and 1990s you may have to pay a significant exit fee

Medical Expenses Tax Offset
You may be eligible to receive the medical expenses tax offset, if your out of pocket medical expenses exceed a specified threshold in an income year

Choice of Superannuation Fund
From 1 July 2005, millions of Australians will be able to choose the super fund that works best for them. It’s your money, you should have a say in where it goes

Super Co-contribution Reaching More People
Recent changes to the Super Co-contribution mean that from the 2004-05 financial year more individuals may be eligible. Are you one of them

Fake International 'Regulators' help Swindle Australians Investing Overseas
'Set up by fraudsters, fake regulator websites are part of the elaborate window-dressing designed to trick Australian investors into buying worthless shares from unlicensed, overseas-based stockbrokers', ASIC Executive Director of Consumer Protection, Mr Greg Tanzer said

Changes to Substantiation of Work Related Expenses
Taxpayers who do not have a traditional receipt for work-related expenses, but can prove the expense from other records such as online banking and credit card statements, may still be able to claim a tax deduction

Tax Office Prepares for New Withholding Tax Rates
Due to uncertainty about what rate of tax is to be withheld from employees’ salaries from 1 July 2005, the Tax Office recently released two alternate sets of formulas to help software providers implement new withholding tax rates

FBT Returns - The Common Errors
The processing of FBT returns is often delayed because of some common errors which can be avoided. Find out what these errors are, and how to avoid them

ATO Targets Non-Compliance
The ATO is seeking to improve compliance by getting people to focus on the risk associated with particular behaviour or approaches. There are certain areas which will be under the spotlight over the coming months

Reportable Fringe Benefits – Facts for Employees
If you have reportable fringe benefits amounts appearing on your payment summary, do you know the consequences of having this amount shown? Find out how this affects you

30% Child Care Tax Rebate
In addition to the Child Care Benefit (CCB) you may be receiving, did you know you may also be eligible to receive the recently announced 30% Child Care Tax Rebate? Find out more

SMSF – Securing the Assets of the Fund
Trustees must ensure that the fund’s ownership of its investments is assured. This article outlines the requirements for keeping assets in the name of the fund
Division 7A of Part III of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936
Time to target negative gearing
Tax office auditors looking at work related expense
Changes to lodgement of Activities by Phone and Fax
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