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About Us

Stephens Accounting provides proactive business and accountancy services to individuals, and small/medium enterprises (SMEs) in the areas of accounting, taxation, business advising and consulting. Our focus is on creating your wealth.

If it is in our clients’ best interest, we draw on the experience of our team of specialists, including financial planners and finance brokers, to provide the best value for money and the most expert result.

Our Core Values are:

  • Accessability - we make ourselves available to visit you at your premises or home at a time to suit you;
  • Innovation- we look for innovative ideas to save you money and increase your wealth;
  • Valuable - we provide value for money;
  • Interest - we take an interest in your business and family to ensure that your business and family goals are all taken into account.

By taking on the time consuming and often complex accounting tasks, our team adds value to our clients' businesses in four essential ways:

  • statutory requirements are covered on time and in appropriate detail ;
  • the business operators are free to get on with their business;
  • clients are kept informed of opportunities and statutory changes;
  • expert support in all areas of finance and management.

Accordingly, we undertake to:                        

  • Accept phone calls, if practical, as they come in. If this is not possible, we undertake to have respond to the call within the same day;
  • Continually look for opportunities for clients;
  • Review clients’ needs on an on-going basis;
  • Provide assistance and advice in record-keeping, allowing clients to minimise costs associated with compliance work and utilise our experience as advisers;
  • Implement adequate education and training to ensure that the clients work is completed in a timely, cost efficient method with a high standard of excellence.

To assist us achieve our desired service levels, we ask clients to:

  • Provide necessary information when requested;
  • Endeavour to answer our queries promptly;
  • Follow up items and intiatives as agreed;
  • Pay fees by the due date .



Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation other than for the acts or omissions of financial services licensees.



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